Plexiglass Print

Plexiglas printing can be used to print signs, advertising posters or large and medium-format photos. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, it’s also a solution for decorating trade show stands or furnishing apartments. Or even creating a modern design for your event’s information point. Plexiglas plaques are ideal for your office or for museum signage.

We have two choice:Transparent Plexiglass and White Acrylic sheets for printing.

Thickness: 3, 4, 5 and 10 mm.

We use Acrylite/Plexiglas acrylic. No other plastic comes close to ACRYLITE® in terms of weather resistance, brilliance, transparency and surface hardness. ACRYLITE® (FF) sheets provide high optical characteristics and offers the beautiful clarity of the finest picture frame glazing without the heaviness or breakability. It is a safer alternative at half the weight of glass, and is many times more resistant to impact.

Transparent Plexiglass

In contrast, the transparent finish adds a further dimension to your image by allowing light to interact with the print itself. The transparent option is best suited to a near white wall or background producing stunning and interesting light effects and shadows.

Usually, on transparent plexiglass printing we use 9 colors - CMYK + White + CMYK

We use the CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) for truly brilliant colours. We finish the process with a white coat of ink to duplicate the paper surface. We can also print a coat of black ink to increase opacity. We also have the flexibility of using spot colour conversion when and where required.

White Acrylic

The digital image is printed directly on the surface of the white acrylic. These prints are highly decorative and make an instant impact.
Clean lines and modern fittings create a contemporary finished product that looks impressive on any wall.
We use the CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) for truly brilliant colours.

UV dried and water resistant, the inks we use make these prints extremely durable which will not fade for decades.
Plexiglass/Acrylic PRINT

1 / 9
2 / 9
3 / 9
4 / 9
5 / 9
6 / 9
7 / 9
8 / 9
9 / 9
9 / 9

Transparent Plexiglass Printing without selective white layer | 8 Colors: CMYK + CMYK
Color Acrylic Printing, without frame | 8 Colors: CMYK + CMYK
White Acrylic, with selective layer printing | 8 Colors: CMYK + CMYK
Transparent Plexiglass Printing, with white layer | 9 Colors: CMYK + White + CMYK
Transparent Plexiglass Printing, shape cutting, selective white layer | 9 Colors: CMYK + White + CMYK
Transparent Plexiglass Image Printing, with selective white layer (colored logo) | 9 Colors: CMYK + White + CMYK
Framed Transparent Plexiglass Image Printing, with white layer (colored image) | 9 Colors: CMYK + White + CMYK
We recommend due White Acrylic Image Printing, left 3-10mm white frame, Image Pritning is matt finish | 8 Colors: CMYK + CMYK
Backlit Boxes and Backlit Volume letters/shapes
Printing on Transparent Plexiglass with 9 Colors: CMYK + White + CMYK

Options for hanging your acrylic print

Hanging your acrylic print couldn't be easier, and what's more your acrylic print will arrive ready to hang with all fixings and hardware included with your order.

Stand Off Fixings

Our Plexiglass/Acrylic prints can be hung using premium stand off fixings located in each corner of the acrylic.
The stand off fixings present the acrylic print slightly away from the wall giving it prominence in any room.
Our stand off fixings are available in a choice of two finishes, polished chrome and matte silver.

Our Print Machines for Direct Printing on Plexiglass

Vutek GS2000


☛ Max Width: 200 cm
☛ Max Length: unlimited
☛ Max Quality: 1000 dpi
☛ Colors: 9

Available Plexiglass/Acrylic Types

Transparent Plexiglass/Acrylic
Thickness: 1mm to 50mm

White Plexiglass/Acrylic
Thickness: 1mm to 50mm