Wood Print

As a trend, the natural look is really on the rise when it comes to photo printing. The printing process and high-quality materials from SOREL LTD make sure your photos on wood have a specific look. The wood grain becomes a pivotal creative element in the wood print overall. Consciously integrate this into your vision, and experience how your photos take on a unique natural character.
Give landscapes an atmospheric boost or create a unique contrast for architectural photos. Use the fascinating effect for your portraits, or turn snapshots into something special.
No matter what, we guarantee our usual premium level of quality for your wood print.

You can even strengthen the natural look by combining your print on wood with furnishings and home accessories of different kinds of wood.

Our Recommendation: leaving the wood frame around black and white image printing, with selective colored logo printing

The Image is printing directly on the wood, after is printed with selective white layer Colored Logo. CMYK + White + CMYK

Direct Print On Wood: A Glare-free, Matte Finish

The visible wood grain in our Direct Wood Print gives your photo a very special look. The more bright areas in your picture, the more intense the effect will be when your photo is printed on wood.
We achieve this look using a modern 9-colour printing process that leaves out the white inks. That way, in the white areas of your photo, the high-quality wood remains visible, and in the brighter areas, the unique texture of wood shines through naturally.

Print with White Layer: Gives more brighter picture

Effectively protection your image from sunlight, contaminants, and moisture.
This makes it suitable for sheltered outdoor areas.

Custom Sizes and Formats:

Your Direct Print On Wood is absolutely unique: We create it in the exact shapes and dimensions you choose. Select a standard format from mini to extra-large with optional cut or rounded corners,
choose a special format like a panorama or circular print, or set your own custom aspect ratio.

Panel Beech A/B: PLYWOOD

Our Wood panel is produced by pressing embedded veneer sheets on a layer of resinous or poplar slats at high temperatures and pressures. The panel is recommended for furniture components and high quality furniture due to technical qualities, low weight, and a surface with finishing properties of any kind.

Features: Interior glue, IF20, 5 layers.
It is suitable for the manufacture of doors, racks or wooden chairs or office furniture. The panel can be made of several wood species and in many sizes.

Standard Sheet Sizes: (W x L) 2500mm x 1250mm.

Thickness: 19mm.

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Direct Printing on Wood Sheet. Image - Black&White. Logo - Colored, Printed with selective white layer. We Recommend to leave 3-10mm frame around the image
Direct Printing on Wood Sheet. Image and Logo - Colored, Printed with white layer | 9 Colors: CMYK + White + CMYK
Direct Printing totally Black&White color. No frame left around the image.
Direct Printing with 9 colors (CMYK+White+CMYK). No frame left around the image.
We can print as Black&White as 9 Colors (CMYK+White+CMYK) on various shapes of wood
Direct Printing on Wood Sheet, our works
Direct Printing on Wood Sheet, our works
Direct Printing on Wood Sheet, our works
Direct Printing on Wood Sheet, our works
Direct Printing on Wood Sheet, our works

Print Machine for Direct Printing on Wood Sheets

Vutek GS2000


☛ Max Width: 200 cm
☛ Max Length: unlimited
☛ Max Quality: 1000 dpi
☛ Colors: 9