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SOREL provides wall to wall completely personalized custom wallpaper design service for individuals as well as businesses.
Our motto is, your space should speak about you – be it your home or your office or brand outlet.

We Bring rooms to life and design your own custom wall prints. Personalised wall prints are great for bedrooms, bringing an open plan living and kitchen space together, or just simply adding a splash of colour to neutral walls.
You can design anything you like to transform walls into works of art; photos, typography, paintings, sketches, graphic designs. Whatever your taste in interior design or whatever size space you need to fill, you can make it happen with our personalised wall prints.

Few highlights of our Personalized Custom Wallpaper design service are:

➲ Each custom wallpaper we design is unique according to client’s theme and requirement.

➲ Personalized Wallpapers can be designed as a fusion artwork or collage, combining client provided photographs/paintings/texts etc. or it can be with a single image. It can be on just a single wall or extended to all the walls giving a feel of being actually inside the theme.

➲ Wallpapers can also be very trendy Shape and Word Collages with client’s images.

➲ If client informs us about a theme but falls short of appropriate photos, we will try to provide the same from our own photo repository or can even buy it from stock photos.

➲ Wallpapers need not be spanning wall to wall all the time. You may very well put a wallpaper at the centre of a huge wall while leaving a painted wall on the sides. That can even act as a “soft frame” for the wallpaper.

➲ As can be easily understood from above, all the features of wallpaper can be personalized based on color schemes, preference. Corporates, Businesses, Hospitals, NGOs , Educational Institutes can think of it as a complete branding of their own product/service/philosophy/domain of work. For individuals – it’s “living with cherished memories” and “breathing within own imagination personified” everywhere on the walls.

➲ Some of your walls may have doors/windows and openings rendering those unsuitable for placing photo-wallpapers. In such cases, instead of going for over the shop same old wallpaper designs, we will design any pattern or shape of your choice. These will add to the unique charm.

➲ Under your demand, we have professionals who will come and install wallpapers directly at your walls.


Quality Printing - Guaranteed!

We use high quality paper which will bring out the best in your photos/designs. We use the most innovated injects for printing.

Our custom wallpaper is printed by HP Latex 335 on Self-Adhesive Vinyl with UV cured inks that are solvent free, washable and will not fade.

The images we print are as durable as those on store bought wallpaper. Our standard material has a suede-like texture that is rich and pleasing. We also offer a smooth wallpaper, which we recommend for art that requires rich blacks.

Our Print Machines for Photo Printing

Vutek GS2000


☛ Latime Maxima: 200 cm
☛ Lungime Maxima: unlimited
☛ Calitate Maxima: 1000 dpi
☛ Numar Colori: 9

HP Latex 335


☛ Latime Maxima: 160 cm
☛ Lungime Maxima: unlimited
☛ Calitate Maxima: 1200 dpi
☛ Numar Colori: 6

Available Wallpaper Types

Smooth surface with Satin Finish

"Eco-Satin" is a high-quality print wallpaper with a smooth surface and a satin finish. This product can be printed on solvent-based, eco-solvent, latex or UV-based inks, resulting in great-looking photo-realistic images and fine contours.

Wallpaper resists tearing when bent, and lamination is not required in most applications.

This product passed the B1 fire test.

"Eco-Satin" is a non-bacterial, bio-treated product with an excellent decorative design for wall murals in s hops, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, clinics and can be applied on rough or fine surfaces.

Thickness: 215 g/m2.

ORACAL® 638 Wall Art
Removable Wallpaper

Use our removable wallpaper materials (Oracal 638) where you don't want to make a permanent installation.
It sticks great to drywall, metal, and glass.
It comes with an adhesive back and a release paper, so if you are a little bit handy you can install it yourself.

ORACAL 628 Wall Art is soft PVC film which conforms well to the substrate. Available in more than 50 colours with a matt surface.

Release Paper:
Silicone coated paper on one side, 135 g/m². For white vinyl, a light blue silicone paper is used, to form a stronger contrast to lettering.

Polyacrylate, easily removable.

Area of use
For indoor applications such as markings, inscriptions and decorations applied to wall paper surfaces. Very well suited for use on cutting plotter systems.

Eco Sol Easy Tex
Self-Adhesive Wallpaper

100% Polyester woven fabric with permanent adhesive
- Block-out function prevents disturbance caused by backside color and this enables to represent stable color
- Has high color density thanks to its semi-matte surface
- 120g/m2 paper with PE coating on both sides make the products safe from deformation caused by moisture.
Permanent Adhesion for longtime display on the painted walls, relatively rough surfaces,but depend on wall's condition.

- Label, Stickers, Mural wall coverings, Large retail displays, P.O.P., Custom Wallpapers;

Available surface:
- Smooth surface: Glass, SUS;
- Texture surface: Wall paper, Painted wall with low V.O.C.